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FRANCIACORTA - DOCG [Bio] full, with an excellent structure, remarkably flavoursome and fresh; an excellent minerality is evident and a long persistence with toasted flavours and the scents of yellow and dry fruit emerging.

Selezione Gozio

FRANCIACORTA DOCG of great impact, with a notable structure; a considerable sapidity is evident accompanied by enjoyable freshness.

Brut Riserva

FRANCIACORTA - DOCG of great impact and class, this full-bodied wine is fresh and full of flavour, finishing with hints of honey, spices and candied fruit, plus subtle tropical notes.

Pas Dosé

FRANCIACORTA - DOCG a very good fresh and citric structure supports a pleasant fruity note with considerable sapidity that explodes in your mouth.

Club Cuvée

FRANCIACORTA - DOCG soft, very good freshness and flavour, medium persistent finish recalling fruit and flowers.

Rosé Millesimato

FRANCIACORTA - DOCG full and enveloping, well balanced, excellent richness of flavour.

Blanc de Blancs

FRANCIACORTA - DOCG [Bio] creamy and soft, delicate while retaining a typical company sapidity.


CURTEFRANCA - DOC [Bio] harmonious, well structured and persistent, the notes of red fruit jam and a slight spiciness return.

San Rocco

CURTEFRANCA - DOC [Bio] pleasant smoothness and good body, warm and harmonious.


CURTEFRANCA - DOC [Bio] clean, dry, soft and elegant.

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