Castello di Gussago


  • Taste: clean, dry, soft and elegant.
  • Type: Bianco
  • Sizes: 750 ml
  • Alcoholic content: 13.00 % vol.
  • Grape varieties: Chardonnay (100%)
  • Data sheet: application/pdf Download - [159.65 kB]
Castello di Gussago Malandrino Curtefranca bianco DOC

Tasting notes


straw yellow with a slight hint of golden nuances. Crystalline.


fine to the nose with scents of fruit and flowers, fresh and soft, with light notes of vanilla.

Food pairing

hors d’oeuvres and white meats, excellent to accompany fish dishes. Also excellent with cold cuts.


In Gussago, Franciacorta, the DOCG limited area, special attention is given to the optimization of the landscape, the respect of the territory and the environment. The grapes come from foothill vineyards with average fertility. High planting density with the Guyot training system, short pruning and limited quantities of grapes per plant. The grapes are harvested after mid-August and by hand. The grapes are soft-crushed in a modified atmosphere to avoid contact with oxygen. Fermentation is kept at a low temperature as are the subsequent operations.The wine is aged for 12 months partly in barriques and partly in steel tanks. Because the grapes are very ripe, this gives greater structure and aromatic maturity.

This is an ORGANIC certified product

We only use organic farming. In fact, we do not treat our crops with synthetic molecules but only substances of natural origin. We do not use phosphate mineral fertilisers, but only organic compost, if necessary, which provides organic matter for the soil. Furthermore, we do not weed chemically but use mechanical means under the rows, a more expensive practice which is better for the soil. Lastly, we do not use synthetic fungicide but only copper and sulphur, in controlled and ever decreasing doses.


Diploma di Gran Menzione "Castello di Gussago Malandrino 2004 Terre di Franciacorta bianco"

ente: Vinitaly, Concorso Enologico Internazionale
anno: 2007

application/pdf Download - [681.84 kB]

Guida Viniplus 2010

ente: Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia
anno: 2010

application/pdf Download - [183.68 kB]

Guida Oro i Vini di Veronelli 2011

ente: Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [897.34 kB]

Guida Gambero Rosso, Vini d'Italia 2011

ente: Gambero Rosso
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [175.42 kB]

Guida Gilbert & Gaillard International - Spring 2016

ente: The French Experts on Wine - Wine Guide
anno: 2016

application/pdf Download - [103.55 kB]

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