Castello di Gussago


  • Taste: harmonious, well structured and persistent, the notes of red fruit jam and a slight spiciness return.
  • Type: Curtefranca rosso
  • Sizes: 750 | 1.500 | 3.000 ml
  • Alcoholic content: 14.50 % vol.
  • Grape varieties: Merlot (30%), Cabernet Sauvignon e Cabernet Franc (50%), Cabernet Carmenére (20%).
  • Reduced dry matter: 32-35 g/l
  • Data sheet: application/pdf Download - [161.61 kB]
Castello di Gussago Pomaro Curtefranca rosso DOC

Tasting notes


intense, almost impenetrable ruby red nuances, which shows great depth of colour.


complex and evolved aromas, scents of wild berries, especially of the forest floor, morello cherries and cherries in eau de vie. Floral and slightly grassy notes, delicately spiced with pleasant sensations of tobacco, liquorice and vanilla.

Food pairing

recommended with dishes of red meat, in particular roasts and game, medium and very mature cheeses.


Podere Pomaro sits on a picturesque hill at the foot of the Barbisone hill. The vines are planted in a clay soil with a rich skeleton and face south to maximise the beneficial effects of the sun. A harmonious mix of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Cabernet Franc and the special Cabernet Carmenère grape.
The grapes are harvested, by hand, often in late autumn. During fermentation there is lengthy maceration on the skins: after drawing off the lees, the wine is aged in oak barriques for about 12 months, which is then followed by further ageing in the bottle for a few months.

This is an ORGANIC certified product

We only use organic farming. In fact, we do not treat our crops with synthetic molecules but only substances of natural origin. We do not use phosphate mineral fertilisers, but only organic compost, if necessary, which provides organic matter for the soil. Furthermore, we do not weed chemically but use mechanical means under the rows, a more expensive practice which is better for the soil. Lastly, we do not use synthetic fungicide but only copper and sulphur, in controlled and ever decreasing doses.


The WineHunter Award 2017

ente: Merano Wine Award 2017
anno: 2017

application/pdf Download - [322.98 kB]

Guida Gilbert & Gaillard International - Spring 2016

ente: The French Experts on Wine - Wine Guide
anno: 2016

application/pdf Download - [103.55 kB]

Medaglia d'Argento "Castello di Gussago Pomaro 2010"

ente: Concours Mondial Bruxelles
anno: 2013

application/pdf Download - [1.09 MB]

Guida Viniplus 2011

ente: Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [258.57 kB]

Guida Viniplus 2010

ente: Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia
anno: 2010

application/pdf Download - [183.68 kB]

Guida Oro i Vini di Veronelli 2011

ente: Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [897.34 kB]

Guida Gambero Rosso, Vini d'Italia 2011

ente: Gambero Rosso
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [175.42 kB]

Diploma di Menzione "Castello di Gussago Pomaro 2005 Curtefranca rosso"

ente: Associazione italiana somelier Regione Lombardia
anno: 2010

application/pdf Download - [268.59 kB]

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