La Santissima
Extra Brut Rosé Millesimato


  • Taste: full and enveloping, well balanced, excellent richness of flavour.
  • Type: Extra Brut Rosé Millesimato
  • Sizes: 750 | 1.500 ml
  • Alcoholic content: 12.50 % vol.
  • Grape varieties: Pinot Nero (100%)
  • Residual sugar: 3-4 g/l
  • Data sheet: application/pdf Download - [174.59 kB]
Castello di Gussago La Santissima Franciacorta Brut Rosé DOCG

Tasting notes


pale pink with delicate nuances of copper and old gold. A soft and persistent mousse with an excellent perlage.


with classic tones, which evoke the vine, yellow peaches and blackcurrants. An excellent complexity and slight mineral scents.

Food pairing

ideal to accompany rich and tasty hors d’oeuvres of meat, cold cuts or fish. Tartare of veal or beef, tartare of red tuna. Panfried red meats served as a main course.


The Pinot Nero grapes are harvested by hand and rest in 18 kg crates to keep the bunches in perfect condition during transport to the winery. Immediately after harvesting, the destemmed grapes are put into a special press for maceration. This is followed by a soft and gradual crushing to extract the best part of the juice: the first-pressing must, delicate in colour and with light pink nuances. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with constant control of the fermentation temperatures. The spring following the harvest, the wine is bottled (tirage) and aged on yeast for at least 30 months. After dégorgement, the bottles rest in the winery for a further 5 months. The base made up exclusively of Pinot Nero gives this Franciacorta particular body and vigour. Serve at 8 - 10 °C. It accompanies surprisingly also elaborate and structured dishes


2 Bicchieri Neri - Gambero Rosso - Italian Wines 2020

ente: Gambero Rosso - Italian Wines
anno: 2020

The NobleNoir, the Club Cuvée Satèn and the Rosè Extra Brut ’14  won  2 BICCHIERI NERI (very good to excellent in their respective categories);

application/pdf Download - [94.17 kB]

Quattro Rose Camune

Extra Brut Rosé Millesimato
ente: Associazione Italiana Sommelier regione Lombardia
anno: 2017

application/pdf Download - [642.84 kB]

Guida Gilbert & Gaillard International - Spring 2016

ente: The French Experts on Wine - Wine Guide
anno: 2016

application/pdf Download - [103.55 kB]

Diploma di Merito con Medaglia di Bronzo "La Santissima Franciacorta Brut Rosé 2009"

ente: Concorso Enologico Nazionale Vini Rosati d'Italia, Regione Puglia
anno: 2012

application/pdf Download - [245.23 kB]

Guida Viniplus 2011

ente: Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [258.57 kB]

Guida Oro i Vini di Veronelli 2011

ente: Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [897.34 kB]

Diploma di Gran Menzione "La Santissima Franciacorta Brut Rosé 2007"

ente: Vinitaly, Concorso Enologico Internazionale
anno: 2010

application/pdf Download - [180.61 kB]

Diploma di Gran Menzione "La Santissima Franciacorta Brut Rosé 2008"

ente: Vinitaly, Concorso Enologico Internazionale
anno: 2011

application/pdf Download - [822.81 kB]

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