Environmental Respect

Franciacorta DOCG is the first Italian wine producing area to calculate the carbon footprint of the supply chain using Ita.Ca


participation in the Ita.Ca project

Franciacorta DOCG is the first Italian wine-growing area to calculate the carbon footprint of the supply chain using Ita.Ca, an internationally acknowledged method for calculating, and hence controlling, the CO2 emissions of the entire Franciacorta DOCG production process.
We believe that safeguarding the environment is extremely important, and this is why the Castello di Gussago La Santissima wine cellar has decided to participate in the Ita.Ca Project, which enables us to monitor consumption, reduce the use of energy and protect our local environment.

Our participation in the Ita.Ca Project enables us to keep our energy consumption under control and safeguard our environment.

L'Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin nominate Ita.Ca (see attached document on page 30)

"We are particularly pleased to inform you that, due to your awareness of the subject, the continuing commitment of the SATA group as a whole and confidence in the prospects for the wine sector, we have taken the decision to involve you in this approach using a widely accepted method and, thanks to the appointment of Marco to the OIV commission dedicated to the topic, we have been able to lend our support to our country as one of the most forward-thinking nations in terms of sustainability."

Pierluigi Donna
Sata Group