La Santissima


Franciacorta - CGDO [Organic]

  • Taste: complex and intense. It starts with delicate fruity, fresh and mineral notes; evolving with hints of acacia honey and dried fruit.

Tasting Notes


white gold with light yellow straw reflections, brilliant and crystalline. Soft and creamy mousse, of great persistence. Fine and elegant perlage.


Pinot Noir is found in its highest expression. Good texture and full-bodied, but also creamy with a fresh and persistent after taste.

Food Pairing

ideal throughout the whole meal, it accompanies typical dishes of the Franciacorta area and exalts dishes of rice, pasta, white meat, fish, fresh and medium mature cheeses.


This wine is made from a careful selection of Pinot Noir grapes grown on our hillside vineyards with calcareous clay soils. All its qualitative peculiarities, from bunch to wine, are preserved thanks to the way we manage our fields. However, our manual harvesting and careful wine-making process also play a key role. The bottling phase, for the second fermentation, is what happens next. This is characterised by a long 24-month ageing process in contact with yeasts. The latter happens at controlled temperatures and away from light sources. Our bottle's unique shape allows an optimal ageing between yeasts and wine.

This is an ORGANIC certified product

We only use organic farming. In fact, we do not treat our crops with synthetic molecules but only substances of natural origin. We do not use phosphate mineral fertilisers, but only organic compost, if necessary, which provides organic matter for the soil. Furthermore, we do not weed chemically but use mechanical means under the rows, a more expensive practice which is better for the soil. Lastly, we do not use synthetic fungicide but only copper and sulphur, in controlled and ever decreasing doses.


2 Bicchieri Neri - Gambero Rosso - Italian Wines 2020

Authority: Gambero Rosso - Italian Wines
Year: 2020

The NobleNoir, the Club Cuvée Satèn and the Rosè Extra Brut ’14 won 2 BICCHIERI NERI (very good to excellent in their respective categories);


Authority: Merano Wine Festival
Year: 2021

Diploma Rosso per il nostro Franciacorta Noble Noir

Guida Vini 2022

Authority: Associazione Italiana Sommelier
Year: 2021

Il nostro Franciacorta Brut Blanc De Noir NOBLE NOIR ha ottenuto il massimo riconoscimento delle QUATTRO VITI, nell’ottava edizione di Vitae La Guida Vini 2022, edita dall’Associazione Italiana Sommelier

ViniPlus Lombardia

Authority: AIS - Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia
Year: 2022

Premio Rosa d'Oro

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