Castello di Gussago

San RoccoCurtefranca Rosso

Curtefranca - CDO [Organic]

  • Taste: pleasant smoothness and good body, warm and harmonious

Tasting Notes


intense red, deep and impenetrable.


delicate fresh fruit component, scents of blackberry and fruit jam.

Food Pairing

recommended with white or red meat dishes, medium and well matured cheeses.


A special selection of bordolese grapes grown in the hilly area of our territory. Grapes come from terraces and small slopes facing south, grown on soils with important limestone and clay fraction that are rich in gravel.
The grapes are harvested by hand, often in late autumn. During fermentation there is lengthy maceration on the skins. Refinement is partly performed in oak barrels.

This is an ORGANIC certified product

We only use organic farming. In fact, we do not treat our crops with synthetic molecules but only substances of natural origin. We do not use phosphate mineral fertilisers, but only organic compost, if necessary, which provides organic matter for the soil. Furthermore, we do not weed chemically but use mechanical means under the rows, a more expensive practice which is better for the soil. Lastly, we do not use synthetic fungicide but only copper and sulphur, in controlled and ever decreasing doses.

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